Wednesday, September 22, 2004

The Power of Attraction

A round table that sits nine waits for champagne.
Food in the back for the packed crowd.
Other boards can not abstain.
A round table that sits nine.

Chaotic harmony occupies the room.
Handsome men looking keen,
Perceptive women wearing perfume.
Chaotic harmony occupies.

An anonymous bosom blindly infatuates my back.
Listening to whispers,
I continue to snack.
An anonymous bosom blindly infatuates.

Time never moved so undreamably slow before.
Feeling eachothers heartbeat,
Made it easy to run to the door.
Time never moved so undreamably slow.

Excitement on the boat gently glide
Thru the caressive warm waters
Leaving the marina in stride.
Excitement on the boat.

Fourth Draft


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