Wednesday, September 29, 2004

The USS Carl Vinson

Chest up high when on the pier
Your flightdeck raised and premier.
Nurture your menage with commitment
They reward with pledged revere.

Wind in the crew's face when sailing
Thunderous takeoffs and landings prevailing.
Shipmates displaying courage
Everyone's preformance in their duties, unfailing.

Surrounded by the sky meeting the sea on every turn
A deep desire for land does return.
Your hull painted with honor
Families eagerly await with concern.

First Draft

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

The Power of Attraction

A round table that sits nine waits for champagne.
Food in the back for the packed crowd.
Other boards can not abstain.
A round table that sits nine.

Chaotic harmony occupies the room.
Handsome men looking keen,
Perceptive women wearing perfume.
Chaotic harmony occupies.

An anonymous bosom blindly infatuates my back.
Listening to whispers,
I continue to snack.
An anonymous bosom blindly infatuates.

Time never moved so undreamably slow before.
Feeling eachothers heartbeat,
Made it easy to run to the door.
Time never moved so undreamably slow.

Excitement on the boat gently glide
Thru the caressive warm waters
Leaving the marina in stride.
Excitement on the boat.

Fourth Draft

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Wedding Journey

Rain is on the road.
A rainbow over treetops.
Sunshine parts the clouds.

Drove to my friend's wedding and witnessed a rainbow.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Presidential Election 2004 Clerihews

George W. Bush
You are not a man to push.
You bring art and fashion to malapropism.
It appears to some that you govern our heroic Nation into schism.

John Kerry
Your face is sometimes scary.
Running like Michael Dukakis is a blow.
I don't want Herman Munster as President but Dubya must go.

Ralph Nader
Is a real political crusader.
Smile every once in a while.
No votes for you because Bush winning would be vile.

Michael Badnarik
Republicans and Democrats think your a prick.
Who are you and where do you come from?
Until you are in the National debates, your just a bum.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Love Villanelle

A full moon elegantly glides above.
In suspension, the lucky few relish it.
Friendly eyes, tongue, and hands reside in endurant Love.

Lonely hearts wander, forced to shove.
As they feel the smothering metaphysical passion hit,
A full moon elegantly glides up above.

Magnetic smiles create a tesla to be proud of.
Aloofness comes crashing in waves in the orchestra pit.
Friendly eyes, tongue, and hands reside in endurant Love.

Couples orbit the Sun, rare to speak of.
Eternal verity lives to transmit.
A full moon elegantly glides up above.

Cupid thrusts another arrow into a wise mind thereof.
Watches as pain from the shot causes foolishness to emit.
Friendly eyes, tongue, and hands reside in endurant Love.

Bodies acting in fear eventually capture the dove.
Set in repose, the animals take stock in life's wit.
A full moon elegantly glides up above.
Friendly eyes, tongue, and hands reside in endurant Love.

First draft

Monday, September 06, 2004

Girl Next Door

As I walked down the narrow hallway
I noticed her door was open
Yellow light from inside the doorway escaped into the precarious passageway
I could hear the wintry ticks of the clock as I walked to my locked door
Even though her loving entryway was inviting
I unlocked my gate and realized how much annoying sand was on the floor
Normally plugged into my electric keyboard, the small loose grains of worn and disintegrated rock
clogged my internal mobility
seriously stealing my paradise of cerebration.

My Ex Backpack

Waterproof and sporty
was my backback.
Got it on sale
My ex bought it for me as a gift
we picked it out together
It used to hold clothes
sand would always sneak in it
I left my backback in front of my car
stored on paper it had some gravid new songs in it
Carried it around to parties and everyday places
it got smutty and wet
some parts were clean
but I loved that backback
one day I placed it in the sun to desiccate
I drove away, forgetting
Now it's time to say goodbye

This is a true story about me going to the park and putting my backpack in front of my car at the park. I forgot about it and drove away.